Services list

Customer contact cycle management (CCCM)

Key features/benefits

  • Creates a reliable contact cycle with your customers
  • Multi-channel communication solution
  • Provides a coordinated marketing and CRM approach across sales & after-sales departments
  • Cleanses and updates your database (ongoing)
  • Builds up your customer database over time
  • Cost per chassis sold which covers an agreed amount of touch points
  • ROI positive programme

CCCM is a unique solution which enables your business to follow your customers from the moment they purchase a vehicle, through to the point of changing it. Various systematic contact point throughout the lifecycle ensure that you can understand the needs of your customers which will ultimately increase customer retention and loyalty to your business.
Customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business and through regular contact you can guarantee that your customers move through the cycle again and again.
This solution not only ensures regular contact with your customers, but also provides you with latest customer information so that your database is always accurate.

Service & mot Bookings

Key features/benefits

  • Event based solution (Service & MOT)
  • Enhances your opportunities through our predictive model
  • Cleanses and updates your database
  • Generate additional sales and after-sales opportunities
  • Maintains a consistent & systematic contact process
  • Cash positive
  • ROI positive

This solution focuses solely on your customers and their Service/MOT event. We systematically contact your customers in advance of their event due date to act as a reminder, whilst also making an appointment to visit your workshop.
Our predictive model helps to ensure that your customers remain loyal to your business by identifying the exact time when the vehicle is due for its service or MOT. This service also creates additional opportunitives which will boost traffic in your workshop, whilst ensuring an even spread of work during peak registration periods.
Cleansing of your customer database is a key benefit, so that in line with your marketing activity, you do not need to contact customers who are no longer in the market (e.g have sold their vehicle, gone away, etc.).

Customer satisfaction surveys

Key features/benefits

  • Full data verification
  • Find out what suits your clients
  • Find the truth about their experience without any hidden agenda
  • Understand the true cost of dissatisfaction
  • Deal with issues before you lose the customer

Satisfaction ensures customer retention. Whilst we would all like to think that the service we provide is second to none, customer perception can often be very different.
By contacting each visiting customer, you can ensure that a broad spectrum of feedback is provided. This solution is event driven and is flexible. We will work with you to create a survey that will identify the key successes or possible improvements required within your organisation.
By dealing with any dissatisfied customers soon after their visit, you can deal with any issues before the customer is lost. This helps to maintain customer retention in the long term and eliminate “word of mouth” dissatisfaction.

Health check follow-up

Key features/benefits

  • Event based solution (Amber items)
  • Enhances your workshop opportunities
  • Cleanses and updates your database
  • Maintains a consistent & systematic contact process
  • Cash positive
  • ROI positive

“Red” health check customers are generally contacted on the day but do you systematically contact your “amber” customers? A high percentage of these customers may forget about any due work or even worse, take their business elsewhere. By allowing us to follow up on your “amber” health check customers, you can generate additional business and revenue for your dealership.

Service plan sales

Key features/benefits

  • Secures customer retention
  • Enhances your workshop opportunities
  • Ensures that your customers are aware of the concept
  • ROI positive

Customer retention is one of the key elements to a thriving business. In today’s times, customer loyalty is often superseded by value for money. Service plan sales ensure customer retention for a set period of time, whilst providing the customer with unique benefits to ensure their satisfaction.
In a busy dealership environment, service plans are often not explained to the customer in great detail or discussed at all.This solution will ensure that all your customers are aware of your dealership service plan and provide them with the benefits and features so that an informed decision can be made as to whether they join your service plan scheme.
If you do not currently have a sevice plan provider, our business partner can assist you with tailoring a service plan programme to your needs.

Warranty Recalls support

Key features/benefits

  • Ensures that you maximise your contact rate
  • Manage a time critical process
  • Often generates additional after-sales opportunities
  • Support your legal obligations

Manufactures warranty recalls can often impact dramatically on your workload, both from a staff resource and workshop point of view.
This solution is flexible so that we can either manage the complete warranty recall process for you or support you by calling the customers you were unable to reach.
Recall bookings can be made on your behalf to ensure an even spread of workshop activity throughout the recall campaign.

Trade sales

Key features/benefits

  • Ensures a systematic contact cycle with your trade customers
  • Maximises trade up-sell
  • provides a dynamic promotional platform (weekly or monthly)
  • Supports your sales team in managing appointments
  • Provides competitive intelligence

We can help manage and support your trade sales program. Part sales is a very competitive market, through contacting your trade customers we can promote your special offers and arrange appointments on your behalf for your part sales representatives to discuss future business.
Through phone contact, we can estalish key reasons as to why some customers may purchase elsewhere. This information can be analysed so that changes to your business can be made to capture and retain more trade customers.

Data enhancement & Cleansing

Key features/benefits

  • Ensures a dynamic adjustment of customer and vehicle data
  • Reduces the “admin” workload for data maintenance
  • Decreases marketing costs
  • Improve prospect targeting
  • Increase overall DMS data quality

The key to any customer contact is capturing salient information and using this to aid the timing of any future contact. We systematically cleanse and update customer information so that your customer database is thoroughly cleansed over time.
Cleansing data ensures that limited “wasted” marketing activity takes place. This means that you can focus marketing activity on customers that “you know” own their vehicle and are due for an event.
By using our software we can enhance your data so that quality is improved. All data is “washed” to confirm if the vehicle in question is still owned by the customer. This service helps to reduce your marketing costs and maximise the results of your commercial initiatives.

Live Chat

Key features/benefits

  • Guide prospects through the dealer website
  • Qualify the needs of the customer
  • Handle objections and answer queries
  • Pass on qualified leads to the dealership
  • Capture customer details

Representing your brand, the key objective is to engage with the customer within acceptable time frame and develop a rapport in order to enable a solid qualification of the customer’s interest. This soft sale approach allows you to do business outside dealership opening hours during evenings and Sundays.

Test Drive campaigns

Key features/benefits

  • Prevents the “leakage” of sales leads
  • Manages appointments in the dealer diary
  • Integrates with showroom management system
  • Provides a consistent qualification process
  • Improves conversion rates (Leads to test drive)

We contact customers and qualify their interest, providing genuine test drive bookings at times to suit your business.
Our customer contact operatives are fully trained to handle customer queries and provide sufficient information to your sales team, once the interest is qualified.
Full vehicle model training is provided prior to any campaign, so that the operative can engage with the customer and provide the key features of the car of interest.

Finance renewals

Key features/benefits

  • Prevents existing customers moving to a competitor
  • Increases car sales and profit opportunity
  • Aids customer retention
  • Provides a consistent financial qualification process
  • ROI positive

The majority of customers’, who are tied into a finance agreement such as HP or PCP, are likely to continue with the same agreement when changing car… That’s if they are contacted at the time of making their choice!
By targeting these customers prior to the end of their agreement you can capture their interest in a new model and increase your chances of retaining customers for a new car sale.
Timing is crucial in the conversion success and through our experience we are able to pinpoint the best time to call your customers and ensure that they have all the information available to them regarding their end of agreement options.

Lost sales recovery

Key features/benefits

  • Provides an extra opportunity to convert a sale
  • Analyses the reasons why a prospect has not converted
  • Provides competition monitoring
  • Improves long term customer experience
  • ROI Positive

Have you ever wondered why that sale did not go through? Or what you could have done differently to ensure it did? Lost sales happen: FACT!
The critical element of lost sales is to establish why they happened and learn from the customer experience to establish how to stop them in the future. This could be a process issue or purely a commercial concern.
We contact all your customers who have expressed an interest in purchasing a car and have discussed this with your sales department, but for one reason or another, did not commit to the sale. By doing this, we establish the reason the customer was not willing to proceed with the sale and recover the sale where possible.
Information is provided back you in a logical format and analysis be carried out to determine the key reasons for lost sales in your business. This will not only help you in the short term to recover some of the lost sales, but also in the long term to improve the customer experience.

EQUITY/Parity prospecting

Key features/benefits

  • Provides an extra opportunity to convert a sale
  • Analyses the reasons why a prospect has not converted
  • Provides competition monitoring
  • Improves long term customer experience
  • ROI Positive

We support your sales team in establishing “when” the best time is for customer to change their vehicle.
This can depend on the strength of your commercial offer, in relation to the residual value of a part exchange vehicle, taking into account the customer deposit and the monthly payment.
Our specialist software solution will unlock new opportunities from within your database and display profit potential to assist your sales team in optimising the deal.