Our solution

DMS data extraction

Regardless of which data management system you currently use (dealer DMS or CRM platform), Call IT Automotive will always make an assessment of the reporting and data capabilities prior to any proposal and project definition.
In most cases, we are able to extract sufficient data in the right format to meet the minimum requirements of our software application.

Data extraction will need to take place on a regular basis, with a cycle varying from hourly to monthly. This will depend on the type of data required, the systems in place and file transfer process agreed.

The data can either be “pulled” from your Systems or “pushed” to our dedicated FTP server.
In all cases, we will support you in matching the exact data requirements against the data fields available in your systems.

Where large organisations often tend to focus on mainstream Dealer Management Systems, we are happy to implement extraction routines with all systems (no matter the size).

Our expertise in data extraction is a key component of our overall service delivery.

Contact strategy

This is a prerequisite to almost any campaign activity. The contact strategy gives you a detailed analysis on the quality of your database and highlights untapped business opportunities. Normally used as a one off exercise, the contact strategy is the key document on which the total project cost is evaluated.

Data enhancement

Data enhancement goes hand in hand with data cleansing. In this instance, data enhancement includes the capture of customer details such as mobile numbers, e-mail addresses and any other contact preferences.

Data enhancement also covers vehicle data which may be imcomplete in your DMS/CRM database. This includes next Service/MOT dates or future purchase renewal information.

Predictive marketing

Call IT Automotive has developed a strong predictive algorithm which systematically re-calculates the future event dates for Services and MOTs.

The new dates generated by our predictive model, are laid over your existing DMS/CRM database, and provide an alternative contact opportunity for the least reliable records held in your systems.

Integrated data cleansing

Without a strong data cleasing running on the back of our each phone call, you will simply encouter the same database issues each year. As part of our standard solution, we provide data corrections files. However, if you do not have the resources to make these correction “on mass”, Call IT Automotive provides the resources to ensure that this critical activity takes place in your DMS/CRM database.

Multi-Channel contact centre

Our approach is to deliver maximum effectiveness at minimum cost… Modern technology allows us to structure our contact activity across four main communication channels:
- Standard mailings.
- E-mails
- Phone calls
Each communication channel carries its own level of effectiveness and associated costs. However, our experience shows that multi-channel campaigns, using “clever timing” will provide the highest returns. We measure the performance of each channel separately in order to help you decide where your budget is best invested.

CRM and Dialler integration

Call IT Automotive offers the unique ability to combine the expertise required in automotive data management with the benefits of a sophisticated dialler solution. This combination allows our team to remain in perfect control of the Customer Contact Cycle, whilst ensuring complete transparency on call activity (call recordings).

The CRM and Dialler integration also means that you are able (should you prefer this option) to make the calls yourself, whilst still benefitting from our data management and reporting facility.

CRM consultancy

Our team has over 60 years experience within the automotive sector, and is able to provide consultancy on a broad spectrum of associated topics at strategic and operational level.
In order to assist your business, we would first need to visit to understand your operation and individual requirements in order to tailor our sevices to you.
We will dedicate a consultant to your business in order to work closely with you and identify key areas where improvement is needed.