Why us?

Automotive specialists

Automotive is what we do!… We believe that the automotive sector requires a specialist set of skills to combine technical knowledge, customer expectations and internal dealer processes with an understanding of your local market environment.

Our software design, our contact centre solution and our understanding of the various processes applied at manufacturer and dealership level, make our proposition unique and effective.

Dedicated team

Getting close to your business!… Each client is assigned to a dedicated project/account manager and contact centre agent. This allows us to develop a strong knowledge of your business and facilitate the integration of our services with the rest of your organisation. A dedicated team will gradually adopt your corporate culture and will be able to “fine tune” its approach in order to maximise the performance of the solution (i.e sales conversion and customer satisfaction).

Industry best practices

Challenging habits!… The wealth of experience that we have acquired over the years does not automatically provice an inmediate solution for your business. However, our aim is to work closely with you in order to understand your specific circumstances and define the best approach for your organisation. We have a library of tested methods and processes to support your business.

We also thrive on exploring new methods, techniques and concepts from other countries or other industries. This allows us to look at the motor industry from a critical aspect, which often leads to new ideas and “out the box” approaches.

Scalable solutions

Large or small, one or many?… Call IT Automotive has designed its solutions to suit individual businesses, dealer groups or entire dealer networks. Our ability to manage data “on mass” is a key component of our strategy. Our approach to data management also provides the flexibility to cater for smaller customers and databases.

Regardless of the size of your activity we believe in a strong account management to facilitate the achievement of your goals.

Process integration

Customer experience first!… We strive to implement a seamless service where your customers are being handled as if they were in direct contact with your business. This includes a booking or appoinment process which integrates perfectly with your own internal activity.

Over time, we develop a strong understanding of your local environment and your “commercial behaviour”. This allows us to represent your business accurately and build rapport with your customer base.

Managed, Support or diy

Can I do it myself?… Yes you can! Call IT Automotive offers a “DIY” solution which enables your staff to benefit from the same quality of data as if we were making calls on your behalf. If you have the resources to deliver a systematic contact cycle, this is the solution for you.
Our “managed” solution will ensure that contact is made to a consistent standard and to every customer.

We also appreciate that your requirement may not be an “all or nothing” scenario. Call IT Automotive has designed a “support” solution to ensure that the call facility can be shared with your dealership. By working as one team, this solution allows you to fully utilise your internal resources and ensure that a call overflow is available during peak activity.

ROi based approach

Making Money!… Our philosophy is to deliver a strong Return On Investment and cash positive solutions. We recognise that it is sometimes complex to establish a reliable measurement of return on investment. However, our commitment is to define a clear methodology and validate with you the assumptions used (if any) in the measurement of Key Performance Indicators.