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Call IT Automotive combines the strength of its people’s expertise with the power of robust dedicated software applications.

Our processes merge naturally with your commercial priorities and operational environments to deliver a seamless customer experience.

From the range of services we offer, we consider the following solutions to be the fundamental pillars of Call IT’s added value:

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PreDictive Marketing

Most businesses can generate simple descriptive statistics about aspects of their business and in particular, customer loyalty.

Over the years, the quality of the data held in various CRM or DMS systems progressively becomes eroded by the lack of data maintenance or simply by poor process implementation. This is often caused by an ever increasing staff turnover.

Typically, these systems struggle to cope with lapsed events and after only a couple of missed visits, most systems are out of sync with the actual requirements of customers/vehicles.

Call IT Automotive has developed a predictive model which utilises multi sourced external data (non-DMS), which lays over your DMS/CRM database information.

We then cateqorise your DMS/CRM data by levels of quality and accuracy. We agree with you a clear set of rules to define which part of your DMS is the most reliable or which category of data should be superseded by the predictive model.

This gives you the confidence that your data is used to its full potential, optimising all available opportunities, with a high conversion probability.

The application of our predictive model provides a strong added value to complement your marketing activity, especially with key services such as Service & MOT bookings or Health-Check follow-up.